Thursday 23 October 2014


We were largely content
To play in the avenue
Stadium of our invention
Sixty something children or so

Largely content with skilled
And innocent games

But there were days
When we needed to know
Courage and how much of it
We had in us

As one we marched down
To the top of Tone Avenue
Pitting ourselves against
The patience and restraint
Of Congo Murray who had
No patience in him at all

Here Congo! here Congo!

We in unison roared
Springing him into leap
And chase till we were
Safely home and he was
In retreat

We did it again and again
Until  he got so vexed
He decided to put a stop
To our collective gallop

The girl let out a screech
That turned us cold
Pumping blood that made
Us colder still

Congo had taken a huge
Lump out of her leg
Swear to God we said
Crossing our throats

Our tails between our legs
For a while

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