Thursday 24 September 2020


I feel September
In my bones

The cool air of Autumn
On my skin

The colour of Summer
On my face

And peace within

The youth grown suddenly tall
Returning in the joy of festival freedom

A church bell tolls

The passing of the Hours
The turning of the days
And night lengthening

It will soon be time
To go inside
With quiet reflection

New lessons learned
And all things gathered
To the fire and to the soul

The warmth that keeps us
Through dark seasons
New beginnings and fresh hope

Wednesday 24 June 2020


He left home
A stranger
The heat of winter's
Fever burning

On the wrong
Side of everything
While she claimed
The honour 
Of a  superior choice

He wasn't worth
A word of farewell

Did silence tell
That they might never
Meet again?

(January 2020)

Saturday 11 January 2020


Bare tree
Naked rosebush
Spiking the dawn

Dripping drops of dew
The tears I cannot shed

My heart a mayhem of crows
Swooping on a single seagull
Outside in the Green
Where we played by day
And partied by night

Until grief disfigured our joy
Love fatally fractured

The man has died
He who became my enemy

We made our peace
A defrosting
Long before it was too late

Yet still a broken legacy

The wounds of hate
The scars of love
Debris of human frailty

We must stand still
And wait for God
To win the victory
For us all

(January 2020)