Saturday 17 August 2019


Vera icon
True image of Christ
Imprinted on the towel
Of her kindness

Love did not allow
Her to be cautious

It thrust her
Into the path

This bloodied battered

Christ in degradation
Etching his sacred

Upon the soul of one
Who attends to those
Most in need of mercy

Sunday 17 February 2019


Bare stalk of tree thrust
Claw into gut of sky
And mine

Winter-sharp vision
I can see and feel

Labour pains
Dying throes
Pangs of birth
In tandem

Subconscious memory
Playing out
Beginnings and endings

Fresh flesh failing
Body bent in pain
And adoration

The spirit is willing

Pre deliverance restlessness
Upon us

Mother and child
All over again

Curled up in bed

Whoever lives
Whoever dies

I do not know how
I can survive
Without her

Wednesday 13 February 2019

WATER (A Womb In My Dreams)

Water is a womb
In my dreams

It nurtures
Some unknown subconscious
Still to be born

Water is a woman
In my waking

A still inspiring tranquil
Sea at the dawn
And dusk of day

And then

A tempest inflicting
The frailty of man upon
Perishing rocks

A river rushing
From mountain top
To ocean depth

Tears of compassion
And delight

Uninhibited flow
Of love and every

Water is a calm swell
Rising imperceptibly

Breaching boundaries
Seeping in where it does
Not belong

You open your eyes
On a bed floating in flood

The damage is not
Beyond repair
But it will take forever

And she flicks her eyelids
Glancing sideways
She sighs

Get over it!

Maybe she really wanted
Me to drown
To save me again

In that unfathomable
Logic of her love