Friday 12 April 2013

Intimacy For The Broken

I come from a place
Of apparent strength

They do not know

How much I belong here
Broken seeking mending
For the umpteenth time

Tools to help us cope
With this unrelenting

By One from whom
We seek escape
And yet desire

Love has wounded us

We have allowed
The wound to bleed
A prayer for intimacy

The brave full-throated
Cry for more is signed
With scant regard for safety

A bony ageing hand
Goes up to clasp
The throat that gasps
Our free and petrified assent

Astonished eyes behold
What Love has bade us
Yet to climb 


My Lord and my God
My God and my All

My Lord 
My Life
My Love

Come to me in electrum
White-gold glow
Of your beautiful Face
Shining upon my darkness


And even though
My eyes are closed
I can see your Smile


I am at Peace
I am in Love

Tuesday 9 April 2013

CONNECTIONS (Seeking Ourselves)

It is not death 
No twelve-year issue
Of blood

We do not have
The certainty of the father
The faith of the woman
Touching His hem

For the healing
And the rising

Not for us the definite
Unquestionable answer

We have had expensive treatment
For life’s most chronic ills
Returning now outpatients
Of uncertain futures

Not as well healed
As we had hoped

We sit at table
In the thunderstorm
Shielding ourselves
From its ferocious drenching

Shielding our souls

Staring from vacated minds
Sharing disconnected phrases
In the hope that something
Kind will arrive to occupy
The emptiness

But no such guest has come
Or else we were not at home
To grant it entry
When it called

And in the passing
Of the storm we part
Without a word walking
With unhurried steps
On different paths
Seeking ourselves
In places where we had not
Searched before

Saturday 6 April 2013


Ocean heaves a deep
Sub sonic song

Wave and sound
Will wash upon
The waiting

And not before its time

This is love
A delicate fine delight

Powerful passion
Pure patience

Keeping its distance
Until the appointed

In due time
They will meet
And give birth

Thursday 4 April 2013

IT WILL SPRING AGAIN (In Memory of Maura)

I went faithfully
Among bare trees
When life was cold
And hope obscure

And grief like frost embittered
In my taut and tightened heart

Dried out

Kneeling beside her grave
With my backside in the air
To kiss the damp and grey
Brown earth instead of her

And aching to touch
And aching for some kind
Softening warmth
To Spring

And it Sprang, so it did
For a while
And it will Spring again