Tuesday 9 April 2013

CONNECTIONS (Seeking Ourselves)

It is not death 
No twelve-year issue
Of blood

We do not have
The certainty of the father
The faith of the woman
Touching His hem

For the healing
And the rising

Not for us the definite
Unquestionable answer

We have had expensive treatment
For life’s most chronic ills
Returning now outpatients
Of uncertain futures

Not as well healed
As we had hoped

We sit at table
In the thunderstorm
Shielding ourselves
From its ferocious drenching

Shielding our souls

Staring from vacated minds
Sharing disconnected phrases
In the hope that something
Kind will arrive to occupy
The emptiness

But no such guest has come
Or else we were not at home
To grant it entry
When it called

And in the passing
Of the storm we part
Without a word walking
With unhurried steps
On different paths
Seeking ourselves
In places where we had not
Searched before

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