Tuesday 21 August 2018

THE TOUCH (Uncover These Wounds)

I have fallen in a heap
Of stones on the beach
At the quieting of the evening

Waters gathered up

As milk in a basin 
In the crook of a mother's arm
A place to uncover wounds

Wounds heavily bandaged
Wounds un-nameable
Wounds that I protect

From touch for fear
Of further pain too much
For me to bear

Uncover these wounds
For I have run out of options
Every treatment tried

I am hemorrhaging
And have not even strength
To touch the hem of Christ

But let The Touch come upon
The waiting of the open sore
That I have become

I can do no more than wait now

(Killiney Beach August 29, 2013)

Saturday 11 August 2018


Relationship begins
In Eternity

Perfect pronouncement
Of Name

Unutterable Word

You have made me
For Yourself

You are my first
And present


I have been made
By You

And still I yearned
For my child

And You have heard
My hankering

And claimed me
Still more
As Your own