Sunday 17 February 2019


Bare stalk of tree thrust
Claw into gut of sky
And mine

Winter-sharp vision
I can see and feel

Labour pains
Dying throes
Pangs of birth
In tandem

Subconscious memory
Playing out
Beginnings and endings

Fresh flesh failing
Body bent in pain
And adoration

The spirit is willing

Pre deliverance restlessness
Upon us

Mother and child
All over again

Curled up in bed

Whoever lives
Whoever dies

I do not know how
I can survive
Without her


  1. Dear Father,

    Please add our blog to your blogroll.

    Following the great graces that flowed from the Year for Priests, we are proposing the observation of a Holy Year for Nuns. Please feel free to adopt the suggestion and to promote it:

    God bless you!