Wednesday 1 August 2012

Clean Water

I love
Couples walking
Hand in hand

Athletes training
Children playing
Babies in wonder

Sunshine in the park
Bright colours dancing

And then a sudden downpour!

I am tempted
To hide from it
Stand back and run

But there is shelter
From the worst of it
Under the canopy of trees

Solitude of the rain
In an emptied park
The prattle of it
Creating interior silence

Swans and ducks
At home
At ease

And when the leaves
Submit to the waters weight
I too must surrender

I bless the rain
Letting it have its way with me

And it is holy water
Ezekiel’s prophecy

I shall pour clean

Water over you
And you shall be

Red Sea Liberty

Here is
Content happiness
Ever before the sun
Breaks through again

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