Thursday 23 October 2014


I would love my children 
To know

What it was like to work
As a boy

I grew up at eleven
And loved it

The job and the first
Two pounds wages

Upstairs in a music shop
With a speaker on the window
For all the town to hear

Black Velvet Band
Was huge that Summer
And all the days were hot

I did errands and the tinker
In me revelled

Going off to the hardware
For a can of paint

And there I was
The cat that got the cream
Crossing Eyre Square
In sunshine

And out of the blue
I collapsed black out cold

Opening my astonished eyes
To a crowd of grown ups
Looking down

But worst of all
The can had leaked
And I ran with it

The boss roared
You bloody eejit

Never thinking to ask
How or why the leak
And I never thinking
To explain

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