Monday 14 January 2013


Jogging Around the Swamp 
(Sunday 6 of Easter)

Everyone wants to be picked, chosen by someone for something. We want to be included and not excluded. A small child wants to be picked to share in a game, another wants to be picked to play in a team and when we are picked we want to show that we have credibility, that we can play the game well.

I started secondary school in the old Bish in Nuns Island. It was surrounded by fine black wrought iron railings with spikes on top. Mr. Dunleavy was teaching us volleyball in the yard and picked me to serve. So I served. Off to the right went the ball, landing on a spike and it burst! He gave me another one and to my horror off it went again in the direction of the railings, landed on a spike and burst! Such humiliation. I was dismissed with disdain. A hopeless case.  It was  beyond me to  master a game that involved a ball and was relieved when relegated to jogging around the Swamp in the Claddagh.

Much of human picking and choosing has to do with favoriteism. However, we are told in the Acts of the Apostles that "God does not have favourites but that everyone who does what is right is acceptable to him". He favours each one of us in a way that is unique, inclusive - He never leaves us out.

Jesus picks us, chooses us for friendship with himself and his choosing includes what is appropriate. He chooses us for a purpose, a way of life that we are able for, that we have a capacity or aptitude for - even when it involves great struggle.

I pray that we will all enjoy the pleasure of being chosen by Him; that young people who are choosing their career in life will have the grace & courage to discern what it is that God has chosen them for; that parents will allow for this in the advice they offer their children.

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