Sunday, 11 September 2016


(Prayer before an Icon)

Are you the one
Who looked at me
With disapproving eyes?

Or was it me myself
Whose shame deflected
My gaze quickly lest

I catch the glimpse
Of God’s compassion?

You saw me strive and struggle
You witnessed the moment
She had me on the plank

Thrusting the lance
Into the very gut of me
Conducting pain upwards

Through heart and body
My mind splintering

She said I needed
To be crucified
In order to progress

It seemed to delight
Her in some strange way
That I cannot share

Will not share!
Because I am still a child
Of truth

And there remains
Strong protest in me

You said it was grace
You said I would never
Be the same again

I know I am not
What I used to be
I am not former

I am older now
Much older
And your eyes
Seem kinder

(if yet a little sad)

Or is it me myself
Whose gaze lingers

Long enough to see
Your own dear Son
Reflected there

That I might become
The One whom I behold

(Prayer Room Thurles September 5, 2016)

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