Monday 25 April 2016

THIS PATCH OF EARTH (In memory of Heidi)

Fields Of Gold Sunflowers And Butterflies by LouisaBryantAcrylics

I have dabbled
In aloneness
Dipping my toe

Into the shallows

A safe distance
Close enough to feel
The comfort of friends

God with skin

God shedding skin

He tripped me

Into ice black

I fell

Descending right down
To the lower regions
Black panther prowling

Where Christ has gone

The deep recesses
Mother of all sorrows
That knows no solace

This patch of earth
This grave
Those standing round

The only environment
In need of saving now

This patch of earth
This grave
Beautiful body

Dearest child
The third to sleep
In this soil

Parents riven
To shreds

I am plunged
Into their

My soul abandoned

On the altar

Lost for words
When God accused
Is held to account


That he did not take
Me instead of her

It's what I asked

(Earth Day, April 22, 2016)

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