Wednesday 26 March 2014


I gaze on what the human eye
Should never behold


Appalled and

Not to turn away

Sweet suffering silent

Child without a name

Fallen fully formed on cold


Hole in your head gaping

Still red and turning

Placenta wrapped around

Your legs and beautiful feet protruding

Umbilical disconnected

Binding your body

It is your right hand

Clasped against your horrified mouth
That eloquently speaks

And I am too polite

Too full of compassion
For the woman

To reveal you

To one person and a world
That does not want to know

That never wants to face

Present crimes
Preferring outrage over

Holocausts long past

Hundreds, thousands, millions

Of you incinerated

"With rest of today's waste"

Is what they said

And my mind returns

Will always return

To your one tiny hand

Covering your mouth

Protesting prophecies

We refuse to hear

My people what have I done to you?

How have I offended you?

Answer me!

(Based on a photograph, Micah 6:3, Amanda Holden's Dispatches on Channel4 and an article in the Telegraph)

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  1. Risteard de Roiste15 January 2015 at 14:57

    Abortion is cold blooded murder.