Thursday 1 November 2012


I am reminded 
to keep alive a sense of colour and light, 
the brightness and the smile  of life. 
The colour of Africa 
the flaming red and purple blue of the Massai shuka - 
its colour and its lively striding movement.

Colour reminds me 
of the kitchen floor at home when we were children. 
painted yellow in the night by Mam 
- yellow and dotted with many lively colours
it was our lino and our carpet and it was beautiful.

Colour reminds me 
of Dad walking barefoot in the morning 
His feet of lumpy purple veins half sticking 
to the newly painted floor
and the blue transistor radio turned on long before its time 
its piercing whistling noise driving us demented
until the gentle strains of “Donal Abu”, 
the news and the soft and haunting sound
of the sea area forecast.

I am reminded and I am grateful…

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