The Supreme Advantage Of Falling

God caught my eye
And my heart from the start
Bounding like a gazelle

Up and upward further

I could do nothing
But follow so strong
The enticement

I reached the summit
Of all height
Earlier than I dared

And in its dizzy delight
Lost my footing
Falling tumbling down

Crashing into my own
Every bit of me breaking

And I cried for the loss
I cried for the darkness

And in my despair I longed
For death and it would
Not have me

And I lay there halfway
With nothing but the faintest

No way up or down
No way but to fall
Again further broken

Into that deepest

Until silence
Became a Word


While I was thinking upward
Is the only way
I saw Jesus leaping

From the height
Down deeper down
To the very pit of blackness

And there

To my astonished eyes
The light shone to show
The exit into hope

And crawling to it
No longer able
To leap

I understood
The supreme advantage
Of falling

Into darkness
And out of darkness

Into Christ