Friday, 3 February 2017

LOVED (In The Dark)

God is drunk
With Love
For me

He cannot
Love me more

I cannot
Be more loved

You say

How precious
Life is

That I should value
Mine more

Let yourself
Be loved

They said

Fomenting guilt
With good-intentioned

With no insight

Into the Darkness
That marks
A soul for Life

The Gethsemane
That holds onto me

Like a vocation
From childhood

The sudden
Unbidden impulse

Taking me
To a place

Within myself
Where I hoped
Not to venture

Inciting me
To step out in front
Of the beautiful

Bus speeding
Down the road

And end it
The torment

O God protect me
From myself

Give me perfect

It is grace
That keeps me

Holds me back
From the brink

But I understand
The other who goes
Over the edge

Into the abyss
Jesus understands

What it means
To be loved in the dark

To be loved and not
To feel it

To not feel it
And still trust
In it

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